Documents Submitted by Other Parties During the Inquiry

OBJ-27 Trustees of the H.C.Stock Will Trust
OBJ-27-2 Proof of Evidence
OBJ-27-3 Appendices to Proof of Evidence
OBJ-27-4 Summary to Proof of Evidence

OBJ-114 Trustees of the Woburn Estate (Bedford Estates Nominees Limited)
OBJ-114-2 Statement presented to Inquiry dated 8 April 2019
OBJ-114-3 Email to NR regarding Environmental Mitigation dated 9 April 2019

OBJ-139 Mrs J Barker
OBJ-139-1 Points presented to Inquiry

OBJ-142 Langford Village Community Association (LVCA) 
OBJ-142-2 Further letter following appearance at Inquiry dated 17 April 2019

OBJ-152 Fresh Direct (UK) Limited
OBJ-152-1 Position Statement
OBJ-152-2 Appendix to Position Statement

OBJ/155 Aviva Insurance Limited
OBJ/155-2 Position Statement 26 April 2019

OBJ/156 O&H Q6 limited and O&H Q7 Limited
OBJ/156-12 Position Statement 24.04.19

OBJ-178 Environment Agency 
OBJ-178-1 Position Statement

OBJ-182 Central Bedfordhire Council Ward of Cranfield and Marston
OBJ-182-4 Supplementary Appendix 2

OBJ/183 M, A, P, W & S Deeley and M R Deeley & Son Farm
OBJ/183-1 Position Statement 26 April 2019

OBJ-194 Ms A Jordan
OBJ-194-3 Response to NR 221 dated 17.02.19
OBJ-194-4 Further correspondence to NR dated 20.02.19

OBJ-212 Milton Keynes Green Party
OBJ-212-3 Proposed Layout for Denbigh Hall South Junction
OBJ-212-4 Supplementary Evidence regarding Woburn Sands Level Crossing
OBJ-212-5 Closing Statement

OBJ-226 Thames Water
OBJ-226-2 Thames Water response to NR note dated 5th February

OBJ-228 M Spooner & D Spooner, OBJ-229 Gladman Developments Limited, OBJ-230 J E Spooner and OBJ-231 G W Fox
OBJ-228-231-10 Closing Statement

OBJ-232 Buckinghamshire County Council and Aylesbury District Council
OBJ-232-6 Position Statement - April 2019
OBJ-232-7 Appendices to Position Statement
OBJ-232-8 Closing Statement

OBJ-241 Central Bedfordshire Council
OBJ-241-3 Supplementary Evidence

OBJ-242 Natural England
OBJ-242-5 Position Statement April 2019
OBJ-242-6 Closing Statement

OBJ-244 Luton Borough Council
OBJ-244-1 Proof of Evidence - Keith Dove

OBJ/247 Kevin and Shaun Mc Bride and Direct Pallets Ltd
OBJ/247 Objection
OBJ/247-1 Appendices to Objection

SUP-310 Mr L Milne
SUP-310 Evidence presented at Inquiry

SUP-373 Mr J Henderson
SUP-373-1 STatement presented at Inquiry


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