Correspondence received from Other Parties

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REP/1 Number not in use - now OBJ/226
REP/2 ESP Utilities Ltd.
REP/3 C.A. Telecom UK Limited
REP/4 CLH Pipeline System Ltd
REP/5 S Ellis
REP/6 Aylesbury Vale District Council
REP/7 Forestry Commission England
REP/8 Highways England
REP/9 HS2 Ltd
REP/10 Number not in use - now OBJ/242
REP/11 J Roberts
REP/12 Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Natural Environment Partnership
REP/13 Upper Thames Branch of Butterfly Conservation
REP/14 A Bush


OBJ/1 Withdrawn
OBJ/2 M Hamlyn
OBJ/3 P Bristow
OBJ/4 Number not in use
OBJ/5 Number not in use
OBJ/6 D Taylor
OBJ/7 D Richardson
OBJ/8 Withdrawn
OBJ/9 Woburn Sands Town Council
OBJ/10 A Marlow
OBJ/10-1 A Marlow - additional documentation
OBJ/11 P K Wong
OBJ/12 D A Calcutt
OBJ/13 I Forster, M & T Kalupa, D Darlow and R Waite
OBJ/14 Withdrawn
OBJ/15 Withdrawn
OBJ/16 Withdrawn
OBJ/17 C Smith
OBJ/18 Withdrawn
OBJ/19 N Franklin
OBJ/20 Withdrawn
OBJ/21 Withdrawn
OBJ/22 Twigden Homes Limited and Kier Property Developments Limited
OBJ/23 EMJ and DM Howell
OBJ/24 Withdrawn
OBJ/25 Launton Parochial Church Council
OBJ/26 Withdrawn
OBJ/27 Trustees of the H.C. Stock Will Trust
OBJ/28 R S White
OBJ/29 G Dockree
OBJ/30 Withdrawn
OBJ/31 C Parish
OBJ/32 D Wellbelove
OBJ/33 Mr & Mrs Hull
OBJ/34 Charndon Parish Council
OBJ/35 S Hymers Farmer
OBJ/36 V Rampton
OBJ/37 Withdrawn
OBJ/38 C Colwell and J Diggines
OBJ/39 S Forester
OBJ/40 S Turney
OBJ/41 J Moore
OBJ/42 S McClurg
OBJ/43 S Johnson
OBJ/44 J Murphy
OBJ/45 S Pillar
OBJ/46 C & P McLean
OBJ/47 P Freeman
OBJ/48 Withdrawn
OBJ/49 S Sheward
OBJ/50 I Jarrat
OBJ/51 M Burlinson
OBJ/52 K Brown
OBJ/53 K Barber
OBJ/54 J Barber
OBJ/55 D Basson
OBJ/56 N Cerrone
OBJ/57 K Knowles
OBJ/58 B Brown
OBJ/59 B Douglas
OBJ/60 S Mason
OBJ/61 Withdrawn
OBJ/62 M Crook
OBJ/63 A Partington
OBJ/63-1 A Partingtion further submission
OBJ/64 J L Woodley
OBJ/65 A Peers
OBJ/66 L Mander
OBJ/67 S Letting
OBJ/68 D Morris
OBJ/69 K Brown
OBJ/70 L Hearn
OBJ/71 R Kavanagh
OBJ/72 J Smith
OBJ/73 P & C Kitching
OBJ/74 R Amor
OBJ/75 N Sholl
OBJ/76 C Jenner
OBJ/77 P Eyton
OBJ/78 K Bishop
OBJ/79 R Eyton
OBJ/80 V Symon
OBJ/81 D Cox
OBJ/81-1 D Cox - further correspondence
OBJ/82 Withdrawn
OBJ/83 S Drea
OBJ/84 T Moore
OBJ/85 T Spencer
OBJ/86 R A Wilson
OBJ/87 Lower Blackgrove Farm Limited
OBJ/88 Q A Craker
OBJ/89 C A Craker
OBJ/90 J Shreeve
OBJ/91 A & J Jenner
OBJ/92 A Cowdrill
OBJ/93 J Cowdrill
OBJ/94 D Brown
OBJ/95 Withdrawn
OBJ/96 C Jenner
OBJ/97 J Turtill
OBJ/98 Withdrawn
OBJ/99 Great Moor Sailing Club 
OBJ/100 R Townend
OBJ/101 Mr & Mrs Bridle
OBJ/102 M Hughes
OBJ/103 K Blake
OBJ/104 Withdrawn
OBJ/105 Bedford and Milton Keynes Waterway Trust
OBJ/106 Mr & Mrs Curtis
OBJ/107 Withdrawn
OBJ/108 Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire Priory Country Park
OBJ/109 Withdrawn
OBJ/110 P H Copperwheat
OBJ/111 K Guy
OBJ/112 Mr & Mrs Cavanagh
OBJ/113 Withdrawn
OBJ/114 Trustees of the Woburn Estate
OBJ/115 Withdrawn
OBJ/116 A Beech
OBJ/117 S Thakrar
OBJ/118 C O'Dell personally and on behalf of M Waters
OBJ/119 H Stannard
OBJ/120 Bloor Homes
OBJ/121 Barretts of Aspley Limited Directors Pension Scheme
OBJ/122 J Rolton
OBJ/123 M Kitt
OBJ/124 S Moore
OBJ/125 Withdrawn
OBJ/126 N West
OBJ/127 A J Preston 
OBJ/128 Thomas White Properties Limited
OBJ/129 Withdrawn
OBJ/130 P Martin
OBJ/131 Legal and General
OBJ/132 J Bird
OBJ/133 C Moore
OBJ/134 I Foster
OBJ/135 John Tomkins and Son
OBJ/136 M Godwin
OBJ/137 Mr & Mrs Tucker
OBJ/138 N Hathorn
OBJ/139 J Barker
OBJ/140 A Millington
OBJ/141 Millington
OBJ/142 Langford Village Community Association (LVCA)
OBJ/143 J O'Dell
OBJ/144 Swan Hill Homes Limited
OBJ/145 R Truelove
OBJ/146 G & S Foster
OBJ/147 Withdrawn
OBJ/148 M P Read and R W J Read
OBJ/149 D Plowman
OBJ/150 M Allen
OBJ/151 D Siddon
OBJ/152 Fresh Direct (UK) Limited
OBJ/153 Arnold White Estates Limited, Cloud Wing UK Limited and Hanson Packed Products Limited
OBJ/154 Fox Land and Property Limited
OBJ/155 Aviva Insurance Limited
OBJ/156 O&H Q6 limited and O&H Q7 Limited
OBJ/157 Withdrawn
OBJ/158 Withdrawn
OBJ/159 P Barker
OBJ/160 F & C Morris
OBJ/161 A E D & F Younghusband
OBJ/162 J L Morgan & J S Horton
OBJ/163 S Orpin
OBJ/164 Withdrawn
OBJ/165 J Busby
OBJ/166 Withdrawn
OBJ/167 Grendon Underwood Parish Council
OBJ/168 Withdrawn
OBJ/169 T Fisher
OBJ/170 C Coward
OBJ/171 H Lorna
OBJ/172 FCC Enviroment
OBJ/173 M & N Curtis
OBJ/174 Launton Parish Council
OBJ/175 Withdrawn
OBJ/176 Number not in use
OBJ/177 D Gaunt
OBJ/178 Enviroment Agency
OBJ/179 J Cobos
OBJ/180 F Izzard
OBJ/181 Mr Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust
OBJ/182 Central Bedforshire Council Ward
OBJ/183 M, A, P, W & S Deeley and M R Deeley & Son Farm
OBJ/184 George Browns Limited 
OBJ/185 Withdrawn
OBJ/186 Withdrawn
OBJ/187 G Bannet
OBJ/188 Number not in use
OBJ/189 Number not in use
OBJ/190 A Mayman
OBJ/191 D Gilbert
OBJ/192 C Taylor
OBJ/193 S Felstead
OBJ/194 A Jordan
OBJ/195 W Bradban
OBJ/196 N Bennett
OBJ/197 V Rolton
OBJ/198 Edgcott Parish Council
OBJ/199 Withdrawn
OBJ/200 J Borland
OBJ/201 L Steel
OBJ/202 K Lennon
OBJ/203 O Apps
OBJ/204 National Grid Electricity Transmission PLC (NGET) and National Grid Gas PLC (NGG)
OBJ/205 T & C Schimmel
OBJ/206 Oxford Diocesan Board of Finance
OBJ/207 R H Maycock & Sons
OBJ/208 J Floyd
OBJ/209 D Hathorn
OBJ/210 G P Freshwater
OBJ/211 J Appleton
OBJ/212 Milton Keynes Green Party
OBJ/213 Withdrawn
OBJ/214 Bedford Borough Council
OBJ/215 Lidlington Parish Council
OBJ/216 C Batten
OBJ/217 Calvert Green Parish Council
OBJ/218 Number not in use
OBJ/219 Bicester Town Council
OBJ/220 A T Cox & Son of Grange Farm and Folly Cottage
OBJ/221 Oxfordshire County Council and Cherwell District Council
OBJ/222 Launton Playgroup
OBJ/223 E West
OBJ/224 N Long
OBJ/225 Withdrawn
OBJ/226 Thames Water Utilities
OBJ/227 D Moore
OBJ/228 M Spooner & D Spooner
OBJ/229 Gladman Developments Limited
OBJ/230 J E Spooner
OBJ/231 G W Fox
OBJ/232 Buckinghamshire County Council
OBJ/232-1 Buckinghamshire County Council - further submission
OBJ/233 Milton Keynes Council
OBJ/234 Withdrawn
OBJ/235 N Whitmore
OBJ/236 Withdrawn
OBJ/237 L Cicognani
OBJ/238 V Kemp
OBJ/239 Bletchley Developments Limited IRO 
OBJ/240 Withdrawn
OBJ/241 Central Bedfordshire Council
OBJ/242 Natural England
OBJ/243 - Cycling UK
OBJ/244 - Luton Borough Council
OBJ/245 Withdrawn
OBJ/246 - Walton Community Council


SUPP/1 Network Rail
SUPP/2 A Hopkins
SUPP/3 T Fenwick
SUPP/4 A Jenkins
SUPP/5 R Hancock
SUPP/6 S McCrossan
SUPP/7 G Silberrad
SUPP/8 P Robinson
SUPP/9 Control Risks
SUPP/10 S Hartropp
SUPP/11 E Parkinson
SUPP/12 P Ashbourn 
SUPP/13 Didcot, Newbury & Southampton Railway Revival
SUPP/14 M Weinberg
SUPP/15 S Bates
SUPP/16 J Aylward
SUPP/17 J Tyson-Woodcock
SUPP/18 Z Shirra
SUPP/19 D Creighton
SUPP/20 R Bates F.C.A
SUPP/21 P Solomon 
SUPP/22 S Thomas
SUPP/23 A W Heath
SUPP/24 S Tinnelly
SUPP/25 A Denning
SUPP/26 R Perkins
SUPP/27 F Field
SUPP/28 N Honor
SUPP/29 P Scott
SUPP/30 J Andrews
SUPP/31 J Winsky
SUPP/32 D Edmonds personally and on behalf of Shenley Brook End & Tattenhoe Parish Council 
SUPP/33 R Scott
SUPP/34 K Parkinson
SUPP/35 G Hutton
SUPP/36 G Alderson
SUPP/37 A Rankine
SUPP/38 S Holland
SUPP/39 S Barber
SUPP/40 P Rowntree
SUPP/41 H Thakur
SUPP/42 B Morrison
SUPP/43 C Maclean
SUPP/44 J Hayes
SUPP/45 J Johnson
SUPP/46 P Brookings
SUPP/47 D Henshaw
SUPP/48 R Mott
SUPP/49 A Tull
SUPP/50 P Wakefield
SUPP/51 Hitchin Rail User Group
SUPP/52 O Vaughan
SUPP/53 J Curtis
SUPP/54 S Clark
SUPP/55 I Elkin-Jones
SUPP/56 N Berry
SUPP/57 A Johnson
SUPP/58 R Wells
SUPP/59 A Mayes
SUPP/60 R Stow
SUPP/61 A Pawar
SUPP/62 I Sear
SUPP/63 M Fulton 
SUPP/64 A Tinson
SUPP/65 G Robinson
SUPP/66 D Pritchard
SUPP/67 Cathedral Independent Financial Planning Ltd
SUPP/68 M Wood & S Cartright
SUPP/69 Campaign for Better Transport
SUPP/70 V McPake
SUPP/71 Leonard Business Services
SUPP/72 I Watson
SUPP/73 P Brookhouse
SUPP/74 J Carter
SUPP/75 S Mitchell
SUPP/76 M Tiller
SUPP/77 Network Rail Route Services
SUPP/78 P Musk
SUPP/79 A McGinn
SUPP/80 J Hutton
SUPP/81 I Heathcock
SUPP/82 M Furn
SUPP/83 K Bonugli
SUPP/84 R Heaven
SUPP/85 D Body
SUPP/86 G Aitchison
SUPP/87 P Sangster
SUPP/88 R Bush
SUPP/89 D Hardy
SUPP/90 G Dash
SUPP/91 P Cowley
SUPP/92 M Sherriff
SUPP/93 D King
SUPP/94 K & J Benwell
SUPP/95 P Watts
SUPP/96 C Miller
SUPP/97 S Walker
SUPP/98 R Thomas
SUPP/99 M Brooks
SUPP/100 A Cholerton
SUPP/101 B Rimmer
SUPP/102 R Williamson
SUPP/103 J Williamson
SUPP/104 R Hall
SUPP/105 M Sharp
SUPP/106 A Ralph
SUPP/107 C Hayward
SUPP/108 C Sworder
SUPP/109 P Watts
SUPP/110 G Cowderoy
SUPP/111 B Edmund
SUPP/112 A Royle
SUPP/113 R Butler
SUPP/114 A Bodman
SUPP/115 S Durnford
SUPP/116 R Ab Elis
SUPP/117 R Slaughter
SUPP/118 S J H Jones
SUPP/119 J & M WIngfield
SUPP/120 D Newman Lillingstone Dayrell with Luffield Abbey Parish Council
SUPP/121 I Williams
SUPP/122 V Otter
SUPP/123 L Ward
SUPP/124 A McCallum
SUPP/125 S Dawe
SUPP/126 H Kemp
SUPP/127 S Abbott
SUPP/128 C Wright Oxon and Bucks Rail Action Committee
SUPP/129 D Cooper-Smith
SUPP/130 B Bennett
SUPP/131 I J Lloyd
SUPP/132 Twyford Parish Council
SUPP/133 S Perkins
SUPP/134 Number not in use - see REP/5
SUPP/135 N Rose 
SUPP/136 D Smith
SUPP/137 J Shakleton
SUPP/138 L Brayshaw
SUPP/139 S Coventry
SUPP/140 A Rossiter
SUPP/141 P Blackburn
SUPP/142 A Palourti
SUPP/143 F Taylor
SUPP/144 K Smith
SUPP/145 P & S Doherty
SUPP/146 T Francis
SUPP/147 V Skelton
SUPP/148 T Collier
SUPP/149 R Crane
SUPP/150 P Skelton
SUPP/151 N Clancy
SUPP/152 R Stevens
SUPP/153 M Saunders
SUPP/154 S Stone
SUPP/155 P Grosvenor
SUPP/156 J Latham
SUPP/157 A Misuitta
SUPP/158 A Grainger
SUPP/159 A Baxter
SUPP/160 M Addison-Atkinson
SUPP/161 A Wilkinson
SUPP/162 B Gilder
SUPP/163 C Kettler
SUPP/164 D Pascoe
SUPP/165 A Ashill
SUPP/166 J Blackburn
SUPP/167 C Bangert
SUPP/168 A Wallis
SUPP/169 D Coulson
SUPP/170 J Roberts
SUPP/171 K Holland
SUPP/172 J Baldwin
SUPP/173 D Garrod
SUPP/174 G Plummer
SUPP/175 I Reynolds
SUPP/176 G Brooks
SUPP/177 I Kemp
SUPP/178 S Hatfull
SUPP/179 B Taff
SUPP/180 N Bleicher
SUPP/181 M Keates
SUPP/182 J Leggett
SUPP/183 L Weaver
SUPP/184 S Granger
SUPP/185 J Honor
SUPP/186 J Jackson
SUPP/187 D Lloyd
SUPP/188 W MacKinnon
SUPP/189 R Blake
SUPP/190 L Butler
SUPP/191 M Phillips
SUPP/192 T Legge
SUPP/193 R Sloan
SUPP/194 I Pearce
SUPP/195 R Mackley
SUPP/196 S Winder
SUPP/197 N Bowles
SUPP/198 L Bishop
SUPP/199 L Simpson
SUPP/200 C Elliott
SUPP/201 F Campbell
SUPP/202 D Macklin
SUPP/203 F Mugari
SUPP/204 R Lane
SUPP/205 S Flaherty
SUPP/206 R Pill
SUPP/207 D Bartlett
SUPP/208 A Long
SUPP/209 S Varrall
SUPP/210 M Sanders
SUPP/211 O Smithers
SUPP/212 S Goddard
SUPP/213 M Rees
SUPP/214 D Glenn
SUPP/215 F Parry
SUPP/216 R Bley
SUPP/217 L Evans
SUPP/218 R Whiffin
SUPP/219 C Pope
SUPP/220 T Russell
SUPP/221 M Meakin
SUPP/222 G Bright
SUPP/223 S Bathhurst Brown
SUPP/224 A Murray
SUPP/225 A Higgins
SUPP/226 K Plummer
SUPP/227 J Hyde
SUPP/228 M Lacey
SUPP/229 R Cornell
SUPP/230 T Culver
SUPP/231 I Davies
SUPP/232 H Terry
SUPP/233 A Eve
SUPP/234 C Foster
SUPP/235 D Silby
SUPP/236 H Poldervaart
SUPP/237 R Millar
SUPP/238 J Waller
SUPP/239 C Plummer
SUPP/240 A Kewish
SUPP/241 B Corbett
SUPP/242 D Lovegrove
SUPP/243 C Hadridge
SUPP/244 D Pressly
SUPP/245 R Heacock
SUPP/246 R Johnson
SUPP/247 C Gardner
SUPP/248 C Harris
SUPP/249 C Beadle
SUPP/250 D&L Gordon
SUPP/251 L Fawcett
SUPP/252 A Lord
SUPP/253 T Walker
SUPP/254 R Hutcherson
SUPP/255 J Coales
SUPP/256 R Hamley
SUPP/257 P J Hall
SUPP/258 J Wickenden
SUPP/259 D Hipkin
SUPP/260 D Carson
SUPP/261 J Airey
SUPP/262 P Mulley
SUPP/263 P J Leedham
SUPP/264 H Phillips
SUPP/265 T J Richards
SUPP/266 P Eldridge
SUPP/267 G Adamson
SUPP/268 G Vollam
SUPP/269 S Mentha
SUPP/270 J Goodchild
SUPP/271 Thermofluidics Ltd
SUPP/272 T Walker
SUPP/273 G Stapleton
SUPP/274 G Tilley
SUPP/275 B Sharp
SUPP/276 L Pierson
SUPP/277 J Feltham
SUPP/278 P Radford
SUPP/279 P M Eldridge
SUPP/280 A Albert
SUPP/281 J Blackbourn
SUPP/282 R Holloway
SUPP/283 J Griffin
SUPP/284 C J Roffey
SUPP/285 C Boon
SUPP/286 Z Conway Morris
SUPP/287 S Feltham
SUPP/288 N Leake
SUPP/289 G Peakin
SUPP/290 S Plowman
SUPP/291 P Rae
SUPP/292 S Martin
SUPP/293 A Metters
SUPP/294 G Benjamin
SUPP/295 R Lane
SUPP/296 M Hardy
SUPP/297 P Huthwaite
SUPP/298 A & P Mackness
SUPP/299 B Watson
SUPP/300 A Bolton
SUPP/301 P Taylor
SUPP/302 R Gleave
SUPP/303 J Coveney
SUPP/304 S Gersh
SUPP/305 J Pindar
SUPP/306 S Fuld
SUPP/307 J Short
SUPP/308 J Hanahoe
SUPP/309 J Lawes
SUPP/310 L Milne
SUPP/311 D Bowler
SUPP/312 F Golding
SUPP/313 Rail Users Association
SUPP/314 S Haslehurst
SUPP/315 B Syed
SUPP/316 E Kellow
SUPP/317 B Edwards
SUPP/318 S Adams
SUPP/319 J Nettleton
SUPP/320 R Read
SUPP/321 L Ellis
SUPP/322 M Millington
SUPP/323 C Wakeman
SUPP/324 A Watson
SUPP/325 Institute for Social and Economic Research
SUPP/326 South East Midlands Local Enterprise (SEMPLEP)
SUPP/327 Railfuture
SUPP/328 M Temple
SUPP/329 P Martin
SUPP/330 J Elvin
SUPP/331 Chiltern Railways
SUPP/332 Campaign for Better Transport 
SUPP/333 M Higman
SUPP/334 J Higman
SUPP/335 C Higman
SUPP/336 R Marsh
SUPP/337 M Crane
SUPP/338 B Egan
SUPP/339 Ipswich Borough Council
SUPP/340 D Allard
SUPP/341 F Watts
SUPP/342 P Norman
SUPP/343 A Fenner
SUPP/344 K Aldridge
SUPP/345 A Warren
SUPP/346 S & L Herbert
SUPP/347 K Wallis
SUPP/348 A Hayton
SUPP/349 L Woodman
SUPP/350 M Enoch
SUPP/351 J O'Sullivan
SUPP/352 S Murdan
SUPP/353 J Davis
SUPP/354 A Headford
SUPP/355 M Hurdus
SUPP/356 R P Blows
SUPP/357 J Friederger
SUPP/358 R King
SUPP/359 A Chinery
SUPP/360 A Wicks
SUPP/361 C Stock
SUPP/362 R Hand
SUPP/363 S Ayscough
SUPP/364 K Wallace
SUPP/365 J Chilver
SUPP/366 P Lamswood
SUPP/367 Marston Vale Community Rail Partnership
SUPP/368 S Norton
SUPP/369 D Hing
SUPP/370 C Crawford
SUPP/371 C Manley
SUPP/372 P Motts
SUPP/373 J Henderson
SUPP/374 M Cooper
SUPP/375 P Firth
SUPP/376 Bletchley and Fenny Stratford Town Council
SUPP/377 J Roberts
SUPP/378 P Everard On behalf of Nothampton Borough Council
SUPP/379 J Drake
SUPP/380 J O'Sullivan
SUPP/381 R Goring
SUPP/382 J Mclernon
SUPP/383 C Gooding
SUPP/384 A MacCallum
SUPP/385 C Hobbs
SUPP/386 N Cotterell
SUPP/387 T Boden
SUPP/388 N Russel
SUPP/389 T Croot
SUPP/390 M Bond
SUPP/391 London Luton Airport
SUPP/392 S Fairbrother
SUPP/393 A Harrison
SUPP/394 A Wierzbicki
SUPP/395 S Marshall
SUPP/396 F Parkes
SUPP/397 B Lane
SUPP/398 N & K Phillips
SUPP/399 S MacCallum
SUPP/400 E Birney
SUPP/401 R Cleminson
SUPP/402 S Garrett
SUPP/403 M Cleminson
SUPP/404 L Pierson
SUPP/405 I Couzens
SUPP/406 S Thomas
SUPP/407 O Revel
SUPP/408 East West Rail Consortium on behalf of Buckinghamshire County Council
SUPP/409 E O'Rourke
SUPP/410 M Weinberg
SUPP/411 Bletchley Park Area Residents Association (BPARA)
SUPP/412 Airports Group (MAG) on behalf of London Stansted Airport
SUPP/413 E O'Rourke

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